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You should also know that I take my role and responsibility as a photographer very seriously, especially on your wedding day…

But seriously, I don’t appear serious on the outside – I’m very laid back… I’m like all business on the inside, and all party on the outside – similar to the way a good mullet haircut is all business at the front and all party at the back… not to say that my photography is like a mullet because it’s more like a funky disco afro, with killer moves and a seriously wide collar support act.

Two words. BY. JINGOS.

“Seriously, holy s**t!! We were alternating between tears and laughter that entire 15 minutes of the slideshow. It’s really difficult to express just how epically impressed and so elated we are with those images. I mean, we thought they’d be excellent, but they’re everything we hoped for and more.”

Sam & Jane – northern NSW


“Thank you so so much – the photos are all so fabulous! You were amazing and we didn’t even notice you were there!! ”

Bella & Andrew – Brisbane, QLD

super super super impressed!!!!

Firstly oh my gosh! We are super super super impressed!!!! We cried. And we laughed. And we cried some more! We were absolutely blown away by how gorgeous the pictures are – they captured the day perfectly. So much goodness. Words can not convey how happy we are and we can not thank you guys enough – talented talented people!

Leah & Cam – Hobart Tasmania


“OH MY GODDDDDDDDD!!! WE LOVE THEM SO SO SO MUCH!! Cried and laughed through the entire thing. Absolutely incredible thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!! We are truly lost for words other than HOLY SHIT THANK YOU. Now please excuse me while I send that slideshow to every person we have ever met.


Kate & Adam – Sydney NSW

freaking amazing!

“You guyyyyssss….seriously- the photos…seriously….you guys are freaking amazing!
Thank you so so so much for capturing our day so beautifully, we are beyond happy with them. Your eye for creativity and detail should be applauded.”

Lauren & Richie – Amamoor, QLD

Wedding Packages

So… you’re asking yourself… “ooh yes… nice images, some interesting concepts… there’s something a little different here. I likey likey this guy’s work… how much dosh/moolah/dough/jing/bread/coin/spondoolah/money is it going to cost?

Then there’ll normally be some overly wordy blurb about all the aMAZing products that Todd offers and if you book now, you’ll get some free knives that cut banana really easily etc etc…

But all you really need to know at this point is that if you want Todd to photograph your wedding, it’s going to cost you at least $4200. You’ll have Todd + a second shooter (from the grassy knoll) at your wedding and a tidy, custom designed wedding album.

From there, you can customise your wedding photography package to whatever you like… (including personalised ornamental pink flamingos for your garden!)**

If you need more info, the best thing you can do right now is contact us because we book out early – and we’re not just saying that.

**(ornamental pink garden flamingos only available while stocks last)


Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get my images on disk?

Your wedding images are also available for purchase on disk in addition to all our wedding packages. We bundle up all your little friends and toast them onto a shiny disc-o so they can party on like it’s your wedding day every day… All images are high resolution and will give you plenty of detail in print (unless you want to make a billboard of yourself)… El disc-a-rino is delivered after your wedding album is ordered.


Do you travel?

Yes. We travel like there’s no tomorrow. But be quick, there’s a limited number of destination commissions that we take on. Travel fee will vary depending on location, time required etc… so… you know what to do.. *whisper* (psssst… email us!)


How long after my wedding can I see my photos and album?

Your wedding images are precious to us too… we make sure they’re very comfortable and serve them cups of tea… after your wedding, it takes us 3 weeks to post-produce and treat your images – a process during which we add 18 ‘Formulas of Power’ developed by ancient samurai warriors…

Your wedding album will be designed by us in-house and then custom made at night by ninjas… the quality of your album will be very stealthy indeed. Please do come to our showroom and see some of our samples.

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